We are gradually growing a reputation for our professionalism in the sector of household clearances. We can clear anything from a complete house to a few rooms; we understand our client’s individual needs.

Vacating a flat or house is always going to be stressful! Whether you are moving to a different property; preparing to let; or even moving overseas; clearing out and moving on takes a lot of time and effort. We realise this can be an emotional time of life, if the family are having to deal with a loved one’s estate, or stressful because you are moving home. So in this time of great disruption to your life, ease the stress and give yourself less to worry about by calling in the experts. Being based in East London means we are able to work in and around the Essex area. We will efficiently rid your property of any unwanted items, including furniture and litter- be it a house, flat, garage or other. Hiring professionals means you will be able to greatly cut down the long list of things you’re worrying about during your move.

We are here to offer an efficient service and hassle free.